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5 Reasons to Get Excited About Our 17th Season

We hope the old wives’ tale of March being in like a lion out like a lamb holds true. For us, the season starts with chipping ice and snow to unload the truckloads of deliveries. We always have a good laugh about that in the summer when we are unloading plants in the heat and humidity.

Here’s the five things we are most excited about this year:

  1. You’ll see the same friendly faces. Here at The Garden Spot, we really are either actual family, or like a family, and truly enjoy working together. This is also valuable to our customers because with seasoned staff comes the knowledge and help that we love giving out.

  2. New and unique garden décor. We have traveled to different garden shows and expanded our garden décor and pottery selection. The brilliant colors are exciting to unpack after a long winter and we love doing this as a group.

  3. Succulents have staying power. In the garden industry, a lot of what was popular last season remains the same. For example, succulents are one of the fasting selling product lines. Their durable characteristics and fun texture put them in high demand for all gardening levels.

  4. Edible will be huge again. Growing your own food and knowing what you are eating is extremely important. When we opened our original store back in 2003, we carried about six varieties of tomatoes. Last year, I think we had easily 50 different varieties. What’s old is new again, and the old-fashioned heirlooms are so popular. They may not have that perfect shape, but the flavor of an heirloom tomato is unbeatable. A hot pepper isn’t just a hot pepper anymore either. The ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper are scary to eat but fun to read about. Most hot peppers have their Scoville scale measurement right on their Chef Jeff tag.

  5. The store looks even better. There are lots of improvements from last fall for you to check out. The guys (and gal) poured concrete to create unique walkways and an easier shopping experience. After that, we did some pretty large plantings of blooming plants. This will give our store color all season and provide you with inspiration for your own landscape.

We can’t wait to see you and are hard at work getting The Garden Spot ready for the season. Make sure you Like our Facebook page to get the latest updates and opening hours. Let’s get things growing!

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