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Let's Get Things Growing...A Little Later Than Usual

As we eagerly await the start of our spring season, it has become apparent that this year will be a little different than most. The start of our season will be delayed due to Governor Evers “Stay at Home” order. We know it’s in place to protect our most vulnerable residents and the health and safety—from our youngest to our most seasoned gardeners—will always more important to us than anything else.

Let’s remember that gardening season doesn’t end if everything isn’t planted in the ground by April. With the way the seasons have been, later planting has been more common in recent years. Potatoes, onions, and cold crop will still have plenty of growing time, even if they go in the ground in May. You’ll still have tomatoes, even if you can’t plant them until June. Your shrubs and perennials will still thrive if they are planted a little later in the summer.

The Garden Spot opened in 2003. We’ve weathered floods, late season snowstorms, hurricanes, war, housing crashes, market downturns, the birth of our three children, and even one of our long-time employees’ battle with cancer. We will most certainly weather this delay in our season.

While our store won’t be open, we will still be around. Watch our Facebook page and website as we update it with information and new arrivals. Don’t be afraid to give us a call if you need something or just have some gardening questions. We are here to help. If you’re anxious to pick up something, we can coordinate it for pick up or delivery.

We know it’s important to do our part in this. We hope everyone does their part to socially distance, stay home, and wash their hands. Let’s all do this and then we can celebrate spring and see each other soon.

See you soon!

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