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The Garden Spot carries exceptional quality in every plant we carry. Whether your garden is sunny or shady or somewhere in between, we can help you find the perfect color, size, and type for maximum beauty.

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 Proven-Winners in Every Color

Annuals provide the color that your garden, patio, and planters need.  They bloom endlessly all season and add a burst of color you need all summer.


Color That Lasts Year After Year

Perennials add depth and consistency to your garden. We carry unique varieties of your favorite flowers and can help you design a layout that maximizes impact.

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herbs 1.jpg


Garden Goodness

Create your own herb garden to bring freshness and depth and flavor to your garden. From hearty basil to fragrant mint, everything tastes better when you grow it yourself.


Elegant Beauty

With their fun names and fascinating shapes and sizes, succulents are a great addition to indoor and outdoor gardens alike. 

succulents 2.jpg

Hanging Baskets

Adding Brilliant Color to Your Outdoor Space

Nothing beats the breathtaking beauty of a hanging basket in your garden. Let us help you pick the perfect color for your garden or as a gift for your favorite gardener.


Growing Your Garden From Scratch

For the gardener who wants the most hands on experience, our selection of seeds can't be beat. From beans to pumpkins to wildflowers, come check out all the varieties and find fun ways to really get your fingers in the dirt.

seeds 2.jpg

Fruits & Veggies

Garden to Table

Nothing beats food you can grow yourself. Fruits and veggies can be grown in gardens of all sizes. Let us help you find the freshest selection to feed your family. We've got something for every palate.

Plants: Our Products
Growing Plants

At The Garden Spot Inc., we believe that the more our customers know, the better they grow.  We truly hope you are completely satisfied with your plant purchases. If you need to exchange or return an item, please remember that annuals, baskets, planters, herbs, veggies, and perennials must be exchanged within three days.  All items must be in the same vibrant condition as they left the store in.  Plants that haven't been watered, are experiencing frost damage, heat stress, or haven't been cared for properly won't be eligible for return or exchange.

Plants: Quality Standards
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